Insurance Enrollment

Insurance Enrollment refers to the process of applying to health insurance networks for inclusion in their provider panels. 

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Emedbiz’s Enrollment Services:

  • NPI Registration
  • CAQH Registration and Revalidation
  • State and DEA Licensure
  • Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment
  • Medicare Revalidation
  • Medicaid ReEnrollment
  • Solo Practitioners
  • Large Multi-Specialty Groups
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Medical and Behavioral Health
  • Medicare EFT Enrollment
  • Commercial ERA/EFT Set Up
  • Delegated Credentialing Implementation and Support
  • Expirables Management
  • Documentation Management
  • New Practice Start Ups
  • Relocation
  • New Locations

How does Insurance Enrollment Work?

The process of submitting provider information to a health plan varies and may require the completion of a payer credentialing application, use of CAQH, a state standardized credentialing application or an online application process.

When the commercial, managed care or government health plan receives a provider enrollment application, they perform a thorough credentials verification of the medical provider’s education, training, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance record and malpractice history to ensure he/she meets their credentialing requirements.

How long does it take for Insurance Enrollment?

The initial process is lengthy. On average, insurances take up to 90-120 days to credential a provider or facility.  It is important to start early, especially if you are starting a new practice.

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Insurance Enrollment