2020 Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits to watch for

As open Medicare enrollment edges closer, we are finding that several Medicare Advantage plans are touting new and unconventional supplemental benefits for 2020.

As the Federal government has allowed for more flexibility in supplemental benefit offerings, some health plans are offering expanded transportation benefits (such as rides to the grocery store), dietitian sessions, acupuncture, massages, health fitness devices or even a new air conditioner for qualified individuals.

These benefits are designed to help with the social and environmental factors affecting patients’ health and will vary with each Medicare Advantage plan and market.  

If you are in the market for a new Medicare Advantage plan for 2020, be sure to pay attention to the options available to you and take advantage of the great supplemental benefits offerings too!

Here is a helpful link about Medicare Advantage Plans:


Amy Barton2020 Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits to watch for